One Patient At a time

A new online and phone support portal to help patients get access to the services, support and care they need. Patients can search for a wide range of services by zip code, submit a request for support, or speak directly to a patient navigator

Patient Warriors

With input from the patients who need it, Patients Rising develops the kinds of strategies that get past obstacles to access.  

We work with experts to find out the best way for patients to communicate successfully with their doctors. 

Meet three of our patient warriors.

Samantha H Smith

Samantha Smith

“The most important thing you can do for your health is to be an advocate for yourself. You’ve got to speak up, even if they may not listen right away.”


“Therapy is great. But we don't talk enough about how hard it can be to take that step—not only acknowledging you need help, which is hard, but also going through this seemingly impenetrable process to get it.” -


"Because this disease is confusing, I chose to LEARN more about it myself instead of waiting for my doctor to explain every last detail to me."

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