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No Shame In Seeking Best of Care | By: Jonathan Wilcox
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PBMs Must Put Patients First | By: Jonathan Wilcox
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Make Health Care Reform Relevant Again | By: Jonathan Wilcox
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Reform Obamacare by Putting Patients First​ | By: Jonathan Wilcox
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Orphan Drug Act: Rare Disease Patients Find Their “Voice,” Fight for Innovation

A year before she was hitting the high notes on national television, Felicia Temple was feeling low.

“I didn't really know what was going on with me, but I knew I didn't feel quite right,”...

Osteoporosis: How to detect a disease without symptoms

Osteoporosis is a devastating disease, in part, because it's a silent killer.

"You cannot feel your bones getting weaker," the National Osteoporosis Foundation explains on its website. "You...

Patient Story: My clinical trial worked, but insurance rejects successful results

End of a clinical trial is only the beginning of a patient's fight for access 

Every patient dreams of finding the right clinical trial. 

Jen M. of Massachusetts is no different. As a...

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Our Recent Event

Voices of Value Speak Up: Spotlight on Rare Cancers, Orphan Drugs, and Why Patients Need AIR

On June 4th, 2017 in Chicago at PianoForte, we conducted an advocacy forum as part of Patients Rising’s new national initiative, Patients Need AIR, which addresses the importance of access, innovation and the reform of policies currently erecting barriers to novel therapies, especially in treating cancer..  View the Event Video.

Patients Speak Up: Be Your Own Advocate

Check out Patients Speak Up: Be Your Own Advocate. The eBook is designed to give patients, family members and other related caregivers and supporters the tools you need to advocate for the right treatment at the right time.