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Episode 3 – Medicare /Medigap /Medicare Advantage | Step Therapy

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Topics: Medicare Penalty | Medicare/Medigap vs. Medicare Advantage | Step Therapy Coming to Medicare Advantage Plans


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In Episode 03 we continue with our discussion about Open Enrollment with this episode focusing on Employer-Based health coverage, which represents 55.7% of Americans, according to the latest information from the U.S. Census Bureau.

According to an article from CBS news, Your Employer’s Health Plan Will Cost More in 2019, there is a lot for employees to think about as they enter this Open Enrollment period. We give a good overview on how to check your choices, make the most of an HSA if it is offered, and how you might look for less expensive options from your company.

We dive into Health Benefits Glossary of Terms, 10 Questions for Employees Choosing a Health Plan, and High-Deductible Health Plans Explained from the Society for Human Resource Management website. There are a lot of great resources here created for HR departments to provide to their employees during the open enrollment. We discuss them.

And lastly, we take a deep dive into Copay Accumulators. Over at Drug Channels, Adam Fein gives a good overview in the blog post, Copay Accumulators: Costly Consequences of a New Cost Shifting Pharmacy Benefit. We have a great overview at Patients Rising, Health Insurers Are Coming After Your Copay Coupons and Terry Wilcox penned an OpEd in Real Clear Health on the topic as well, Insurers Don’t Curtail Copay Coupons.


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