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Episode 1 – Open enrollment / Who is ICER?

Topics: open enrollment, ICER, the Global Healthy Living Foundation

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Terry Wilcox

Open Enrollment. That ever-so-stressful period from October 15 – December 7 when you need to pick your health care plan for the following year. Most Americans fall into one of three categories: Employer-sponsored, Medicare, or Individual Marketplace. We reference the A Patient’s Guide to Insurance Enrollment produced by Global Healthy Living.

Our Google Alert topics included a profile from the Wall Street Journal titled A Billionaire Pledges to Fight High Drug Prices, and the Industry is Rattled. In this article, Terry is quoted talking about the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER):   ICER is promoting the idea “that some patients are too costly to treat and too expensive to save,” said Terry Wilcox, executive director and co-founder of Patients Rising.

From the New York Times we talk about the realities those living with serious illnesses face every day. 1,495 Americans Describe the Financial Reality of Being Really Sick. A California man says he faces a ‘slow death’ without pricey medication after an insurer denies coverage, as reported by Fox 40.  From the Boston Globe article — For many, a struggle to find affordable mental health care —  we highlight the real challenges faced on a daily basis for those seeking access to mental health treatment.

And for the city with innovative solutions to the rising costs of health care, we give kudos to Fort Worth from today’s  article in Dallas News — Believe It:  Here’s How Ft. Worth saved $5 million on health care after years of rising costs. What they are doing for their workers through both Accountable Care Organizations and Telemedicine is pretty impressive. One of our mottos at Patients Rising is we need to innovate health care delivery with the same focus innovate in medicine.


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