Voices of Value

If there is one thing that we all agree upon, it is that every person is unique. This fact is especially important when it comes to patients fighting life-threatening diseases. For example, there are more than 200 different types of cancer, but no two individuals diagnosed with cancer will experience their disease in the same way and patients with the same type of cancer may respond very differently to the exact same cancer treatment therapy.

This reality is of central importance in defining the “value” of medicines from the standpoint of patients living with cancer and other serious diseases. And this is the reason for the Voices of Value, an initiative of Patients Rising to relay the indelible voice of patients on what “value” means to them. There is power in knowledge, there is strength in numbers and no patient is worth less than anyone else. It is time for patients’ voices to be heard.

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Colleen is a wife and mother of an adorable five-year-old boy. She is also living with advanced stage colon cancer. Colleen faces the stark reality: she needs medical innovation to save her life. She knows this, and will go to any length to be there for her son. But will her insurance company block her path to access?


Meet John from Kansas City. He is a 9-year multiple myeloma survivor with a passion for helping his fellow myeloma survivors. John leads an International Myeloma Foundation support group in his community and is thankful every day for the role innovation has played in keeping him surviving and thriving longer than he ever expected. One of his greatest fears is the role value frameworks, like those being developed by ICER, could play in his access to new and innovative therapies for a disease that presently has no cure.


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