Pharmacists in Vermont are banned by law from telling you how to save money on your prescriptions  

I want to help.

I support ending the laws that put a gag-order on pharmacists.  

I want to pay less for my prescription drugs and this is an easy way to address this problem.  

You should know that sometimes prescription drugs are less expensive for you if you pay cash and DO NOT use insurance.  

That's right.  

Sometimes your insurance co-pay costs more than the actual drug.  

Because of contracts with something called a PBM or Pharmacy Benefit Manager, the pharmacist is banned from telling you.  

We don't think that's right, and neither should you.  

Pharmacies are prohibited from talking to patients about how much a patient would pay if they just pay cash and didn’t go through their insurance,” Todd Brown of the Massachusetts Association of Independent Pharmacists

Pharmacists in  Vermont are not allowed to tell you when you can pay less.  

You can help change that.  

Let's work to end the gag-order on pharmacists.    

If my co-pay costs more than my drug, I want to know about it so I can save money.    

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