Taylor's Story

Meet Taylor Bohn:

When Taylor was 20 she developed chronic daily migraine. This coincided with a structural problem discovered in her neck known as “Craniocervical Instability” (CCI). She has experienced daily migraine since.

“I’ve been to neurologists, I’ve tried ten plus different treatments, including prescription drugs, but none of it helped.”

About a year and a half ago Taylor, when following up on some GERD and gastritis symptoms, was also diagnosed with Gastroparesis – a form of digestive tract paralysis.

Patients like Taylor, with co-moribidities find it especially challenging to find balance between healthcare and living. “Finding the right support system, and a postiive mindset, makes a world of difference for me.”

How to you balance your healthcare needs and pursuing your interests?

Instagram handle: taytertoo

Hashtags: #craniocervicalinstability #migraine #gastroparesis #digestivetractparalysis #comorbidities

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