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Open Enrollment – Time to Choose Your 2020 Health Plans

October 15th is the start of Open Enrollment 2020 for Medicare. November 1st is the start of Open Enrollment 2020 for the Healthcare.gov Marketplace

The leaves are changing, nights are getting chilly, and it’s time to make your health coverage choices for 2020. That’s right, it’s Open Enrollment 2020. Here’s what you need to know from the experts.


Medicare Open Enrollment 2020

The following information comes from Medicareresources.org, an exceptional source for information on Medicare. You should visit MedicareResources.org for more information.

The annual Medicare Open Enrollment period begins on October 15 and continues until December 7.

For 2020 coverage, open enrollment will run from October 15, 2019, to December 7, 2019.


During the annual enrollment period (AEP) you can make changes to various aspects of your coverage:

  • You can switch from Original Medicare to Medicare Advantage, or vice versa.
  • You can also switch from one Medicare Advantage plan to another, or from one Medicare Part D (prescription drug) plan to another.
  • And if you didn’t enroll in a Medicare Part D plan when you were first eligible, you can do so during the general open enrollment, although a late enrollment penalty may apply.


If you want to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan, you must meet some basic criteria:

You must…



  • you’re already enrolled in a Medicare Part D prescription plan or a Medicare Advantage Plan and you don’t want to make changes to your coverage for the coming year, you don’t need to do anything during open enrollment, assuming your current plan will continue to be available.
  • your plan is being discontinued and isn’t eligible for renewal, you will receive a non-renewal notice from your carrier prior to open enrollment.
  • you don’t, it means you can keep your plan without doing anything during open enrollment.

But be aware that your benefits and premium could change from one year to the next. So even if you’re confident that you want to keep your current coverage for next year, it’s important to make sure you understand any changes that may apply, and that you’ve double checked to make sure that your current plan is still the best available option. The available plans and what they cover changes from one year to the next, so even if the plan you have now was the best option when you shopped last year, it’s important to verify that again before you lock yourself in for another year.

Source: https://www.medicareresources.org/faqs/when-is-the-next-medicare-open-enrollment-period/


Open Enrollment Healthcare Marketplace

The 2020 Open Enrollment Period for the Healthcare Marketplace runs from

Friday, November 1 to Sunday, December 15, 2019.

When the time comes you can use this link and select the “Start Here” on the right side of the screen. There is a lot to know. Be sure to visit Healthcare.gov for guidance.


There is very good information about the importance of the Open Enrollment periods that comes from the Patient Advocate Foundation. That includes this excellent video they produced:

Chatter that Matters discusses Open Enrollment

It is definitely worth a viewing and is brought to you by Patient Advocate Foundation.

You can learn more about Open Enrollment in general from the Patient Advocate Foundation at https://www.patientadvocate.org/explore-our-resources/choosing-a-health-plan/.


It is important to know when your employer’s open enrollment period is as well. It may differ from Medicare or the Healthcare.gov Marketplace. Employer based insurance requires some extra understanding as well. You can learn more here.


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