Tell them to focus on the cozy relationship between health insurers and the middlemen known as PBMs.  

Then fix the insurance problem.  

3 Pharmacy Benefit Managers control 80% of the market

Some of these PBMs are your health insurance companies themselves.  They claim that they try to keep costs low for consumers but no savings are ever passed onto patients.  

Instead the PBMs are lining their pockets with massive profits and spendings.  

Patients see higher premiums, higher co-pays and the health insurance company sees more profits.  

PBMs set the prices for prescption drugs

PBMs are currently unregulated

Insurers are getting huge profits, and not passing savings to patients

Insurers should not be so closely tied to PBMs

What is a PBM?

Have you ever heard of Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs)?

They’re the ones who actually determine what you pay for your prescription medications. That’s right, PBMs set the prices

They’re unregulated and want to keep it that way.

Because of Pharmacy Benefit Managers, it’s sometimes cheaper to pay for your prescriptions without going through insurance. But pharmacists are under a “gag order” not to tell you that. 

Now states are taking action. We’re going to have a lot more info in the days and weeks to come so check the website.

Send to my legislators

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Message to the legislature:

"I want to end the insurance problem and the corporate greed that is costing my family money with higher insurance costs.  

More needs to be done to investigate the cozy relationship between PBMs and the health insurance industry.  

Please take action now so we can save money on our health care.  

Don't let the insurance industry hijack patient costs."

How can Augusta lower your health insurance costs?

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