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Managing Chronic Illness: A Guide to Organizing Your Care

Mar 6

On March 6, 2019 we hosted this informative webinar on taking control of your schedule, budget and treatment options.

Living with, or caring for someone with a chronic condition can sometimes feel like a full time job. Between endless appointments, medications and therapies to track; bills and insurance forms to interpret and pay; and treatments to investigate, you may feel as if this diagnosis has consumed your life. 

Don’t miss our panel of patient care experts as they teach you how to take control of the chaos that comes with being diagnosed or living with a chronic disease.

View the Webinar Recording and all associated resources and tools.



Debby Bitticks – Award Winning Author, Health and Caregiving Advocate, and Intergenerational Expert

Debby started her career as an Educational Therapist, moving on to operate multi-site childcare centers, developing elder daycare programs, and creating innovative, intergenerational curriculum. Debby co-authored “The Elder Care Review: A guide for Quality Control,” and spoke at the annual meeting of The National Council on the Aging in Washington D.C. She has also co-authored the award-winning BioBinder™ series including “Cherished Memories – The Story of My Life,” “Time Efficiency Makeover,” and the “Senior Organizer”, as well as co-authored a book in the “Life Lessons” series with Chicken Soup for the Soul authors, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen: “Life Lessons for Busy Moms – 7 Essential Ingredients to Organize and Balance Your World.” Both “Time Efficiency Makeover” and “The Senior Organizer” have been published in paperback and “Cherished Memories – The Story of My Life” was a sell-out on QVC. Debby has co-written and produced an award-winning documentary “Saving Our Parents,” and has written and hosted a PBS television pledge special. Debby has appeared on CBS Morning News, ABC, NBC, FOX, QVC, CNN Financial News as well as other cable shows, and has given numerous national radio interviews.


Carolanne Monteleone – Author, Business Owner, and Professional Patient 

Carolanne Monteleone is a writer, business owner, and a professional patient. Carolanne was diagnosed in April of 2013 with gastroparesis, her main diagnosis, and is feeding tube dependent, which means she requires constant care. Over the years, she has become an advocate for patients with chronic illnesses and disabilities through her work with various patient advocacy organizations including G-PACT, The Mighty, and Patients Rising. Carolanne has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and hopes to use that knowledge to change the laws surrounding healthcare and provide a better experience for all people coping chronic health issues.

Whitney Morrison, Principal Financial Planner, Legal Zoom

Whitney Morrison is a Certified Financial Planner with over 10 years of experience in financial advising and coaching roles. Whitney has created numerous financial wellness courses and tools, and has a strong passion for helping others achieve financial wellness. Whitney is currently the principal financial planner at LifePlan Legalzoom, a legal and financial wellness benefit offered through Patients Rising.


Terry WilcoxTerry Wilcox – Co-Founder & Executive Director

A passionate advocate for patients with cancer and other serious diseases, Terry Wilcox is Executive Director of Patients Rising, a non-profit patient education and advocacy organization that helps patients get access to essential diagnostics and the treatments they need. Inspired by Selma Schimmel, considered by many as the “original” young adult survivor advocate, Terry left a career in Los Angeles in the entertainment industry to join Vital Options International (VOI), a cancer communication, education and advocacy organization Selma launched in 1983 to facilitate a global dialogue on cancer. From 2008 to Selma’s death in May 2014, Terry worked alongside her mentor as creative director of VOI and the supervising producer of a video program called The Group Room that featured discussions with the world’s leading oncologists and cancer researchers. After Selma’s death, Terry continued to advance Selma’s legacy as VOI’s ExecutiveDirector until August 2015, when she moved to Washington, DC and co-founded Patients Rising with her husband. Now Terry and her team engage the patient community, along with physicians, health policy experts and allied healthcare professions, to develop realistic, solution-oriented discussions so those with life-threatening and chronic diseases will have a voice in shaping policies that will improve access to quality care.

They will show you effective tools and tips for managing both daily and ongoing tasks and issues associated with chronic disease. Get expert advice on:

  • Tools for keeping your schedule organized
  • Researching and managing information about your condition
  • Finding and activating your support team
  • Understanding insurance, billing and your legal rights

Space is limited so Register NOW and Get Expert Advice on Managing Your Chronic Disease and Care.

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