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ICER 101: Get Engaged for the Arthritis Review

Oct 29

12:30 PM ET

Arthritis patients and caregivers! Your voice is needed right now. More than ever.

A nonprofit called ICER reviews new medicines and releases reports that can affect patient access to treatments. Next month they are taking aim at arthritis.

The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (aka ICER) recently released their Draft Evidence report for Arthritis therapies. This report isn’t an independent review. It is a document of discrimination. It takes a direct aim at the most vulnerable patients, their families and loved ones. We are calling on everyone in the Arthritis community to make their voices heard. This webinar will show you how.

We will be talking live with health economist, Paul Langley, Ph.D., our lead research advisor for the Institute for Patient Access & Affordability, a program of Patients Rising. Dr. Langley is going to walk us through the ICER methodology, and why, in his opinion — it should not be used to determine your treatment access.

We’re taking just 30 minutes to educate you and show you how to share your story and tell the truth to an organization that describes itself as the “nation’s independent watchdog on drug pricing.”

On November 8th the window closes for you to raise your voice to ICER via written comments or a request to speak at the meeting. Join us!

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • For Your Consideration — An overview of the Draft Evidence Report and what we believe is missing from the equation — hint: actual patient voices.
  • Submitting a Comment — How to submit a comment/story to the ICER team in the appropriate format and deadline
  • Speaking to ICER — You’ll hear from a patient who spoke publicly at an ICER meeting and learn how to prepare
  • Talking to the Media — How to engage with national or your local media around these important issues

Bring Your Questions — we will save time at the end of the presentation to answer them!

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Anna Legassie photoAnna Legassie
Anna is an athlete, patient advocate, and strategy manager living in Boston. She was diagnosed with Systemic Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (SJIA) twenty-five years ago at age 11, and today she lives with rheumatoid arthritis and recurrent pericarditis. She is on the Massachusetts Leadership Board of the Arthritis Foundation and also serves on the Foundation’s National Advocacy Committee.



Paul Langley, Ph.D photoPaul Langley, Ph.D
Dr. Paul Langley is a professional economist. His undergraduate training was in the UK, University of Hull, with postgraduate training in Canada at Carleton University and Queen’s University. Dr. Langley has taught in the UK and in Australia with visiting appointments at Carleton University, the University of Ohio and the University of California.



Terry Wilcox photoTerry Wilcox
A passionate advocate for patients with cancer and other serious diseases, Terry Wilcox is Executive Director of Patients Rising, a non-profit patient education and advocacy organization that helps patients get access to essential diagnostics and the treatments they need. Terry and her team engage the patient community, along with physicians, health policy experts and allied healthcare professions, to develop realistic, solution-oriented discussions so those with life-threatening and chronic diseases will have a voice in shaping policies that will improve access to quality care.

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