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Episode 6 – Open Enrollment / short term health plans

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Topics: Open Enrollment for the ACA Begins


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In Episode 06 we start our Open Enrollment series for the ACA, Obamacare, or Individual Marketplaces Exchanges – whatever you label it, it’s time for those of you buying your own insurance to select your plan for 2019.

Today we dive into our end of year news and information blast focused on Open Enrollment. We recommend heading on over to Healthcare.gov to get started. Here you can learn all about the Essential Health Benefits and Pre-Existing Conditions Rules.

We talk a bit about the short-term health coverage which was originally 364 days under Obamacare, but was shortened to three months and signed into law just before he left office in 2016. This caused much consternation when President Trump put it back to a year. Short-term plans are not meant to be permanent.

Here are good articles against and for the plans:

Short term health insurance should worry you even if you do not need it and

Short term health plans are the right path for Trump to improve the marketplace.

Given we work with many patients dealing with chronic and life-threatening illnesses, we are not an advocate for these plans for the populations we deal with, however, we believe it best to give an honest look at why they exist.



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