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Episode 4 – Trump’s Speech at Health & Human Services

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Topics: President Trump’s Speech at Health & Human Services and What It Means for Medicare Part B

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In Episode 04 we provide an immediate response to President Trump’s speech given at Health & Human Services.

Today we give a quick take on what it might mean for patients. Will it lower the cost of medicines for Medicare Part B? Will it lower the costs for the government? Is so, at what costs? Is it price controls? Will it stifle innovation?

We do not answer all of these questions definitively today, but we do ask them and Terry gives her take.

In addition to hitting the highlights of the speech, we talk about the things the administration is doing to help lower patient out of pocket costs:

FDA again approves record-breaking number of generic drugs and Trump signs bill lifting pharmacists gag clauses’ on drug prices both of these actions will help consumers obtain lower costs.



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