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When you become a Patients Rising Member, you’re not just supporting a cause you believe in…

  • You’re joining a community of patients and caregivers who advocate for patient rights
  • You’re participating in important conversations about patient access to the treatment they need and deserve
  • You’re providing ongoing support to an organizing that spearheading the Patient Education Revolution

As a way to say thank you for your support and membership, all Patients Rising Members will receive access to a private member community/group, as well as a membership to the innovative LegalZoom LifePlan.

Patients Rising has partnered with LegalZoom to offer full access to its LifePlan, a unique service that provides resources to help patients manage their financial, insurance and legal issues and challenges.

LifePlan supports individuals and families at every stage of their lives with no-cost planning services on legal, financial, insurance and tax matters. For for those living with rare and chronic illnesses and complicated care plans, tackling these issues can feel overwhelming.

Patients Rising members will be able to more confidently navigate daily and major life events with the support of LifePlan advisors on topics including:

  • Creating a will, trust or medical directive (including consultations with a lawyer)
  • Customized Financial Planning (by an in-house Certified Financial Planner)
  • Identity Theft Protection against medical fraud
  • Cloud storage for medical and other important records

Learn more about LifePlan.

Our Advocate and Champion Members will also receive their own copy of the Cancer 101 Organizer, the preeminent hard copy care organizer, which also includes a condensed version of the Patients Rising e-Book Be Your Own Best Advocate.

Please see our membership levels below and choose an option that works for you and your budget, and click “Join Today”.

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Membership Levels

Supporter Level: $9/Month or $99/year*

  • Legal Zoom LifePlan Membership**
  • Access to a private member community/group

“Reach out. Find these groups Find other people that can help you along your journey.”

Advocate Level: $18/Month or $150/year*

  • Legal Zoom LifePlan Membership**
  • The CANCER101 Planner
  • Access to a private member community/group

“The biggest thing we need to focus on is that our voices – patient’s voices – need to be louder.”

Champion Level: $36/Month or $300/year*

  • Legal Zoom LifePlan Membership**
  • The CANCER101 Planner
  • Access to a private member community/group
  • Provide membership for a patient or advocate who cannot afford a monthly contribution

“Never give up hope. Don’t give up the flight. There is hope out there .”

Support access, education, empowerment and giving patients a voice with your contribution now.

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Memberships to Patients Rising are tax deductible as a charitable contribution.

*Annual memberships are paid in one installment.

**The Legal Zoom LifePlan Membership will begin on October 1, 2018 and will be a one-year term. All Patients Rising Members who join prior to October 1, 2018 will receive additional bonus months of membership, with their renewal date to be set for October 1, 2019.

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